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About CET Software

CET was originally formed in 1982 as a software division of the Seikosha Company, a division of the large Japanese Hattori/Seiko Group. At that time, CET was involved in the portation of the multi-user operating system OASIS-16 to the Seiko 8600 computer.

In 1985, Seiko left the computer business and CET Software was re-incorporated after being purchased by the employees. Since then, CET has operated as an independent company selling multi-user BASIC compilers and software development support systems.

During the period from 1986 to 1990, CET produced a number of compiler products for XENIX and UNIX-based systems, including Altos, Bull, Honeywell and others. Since 1990, the largest growth in our business has been in products for DOS and networked operating systems. In early 1995, CET released a 32-bit compiler and runtime system, the W32 Application Builder, for use under any of the Microsoft Windows platforms. In 1999, CET began shipping CET BASIC for PC based UNIX-compatible operating systems, and currently supports all major Linux distributions.

CET Software's main development office is in Longmont, Colorado, USA. CET products are sold through a worldwide network of value-added resellers and distributors. Our European distributor is Omega Systems, S. A.


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